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Let me assist you in injoying the most favorable mortgage rate.

Anabela Nunes : Mortgage Broker in Montreal Area

Anabela Nunes is the mortgage broker you need for your dream home.

Your Trusted Mortgage Broker : Helping you secure your dream home

I’m here to guide you obtaining financing and managing your mortgage seamlessly. From the beginning to the entire mortgage duration, I assure you a process marked by clarity and confidence.

As a mortgage broker, I work exclusively for you, not for a bank. My mission is to take the time to listen, understand your specific needs, and present the most advantageous scenarios tailored to your situation. My human-centered approach aims to provide reassurance, particularly in challenging situations such as separations, refinancing for debt consolidation or the stress associated with a first purchase. I am committed to addressing all your questions and ensuring a thorough explanation of each key elements. Consider me as your dedicated partner, committed to exceeding your financial expectations.

My values and commitments


I establish a trust-based relationship by attentively understanding your needs, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Anabela Nunes is the mortgage broker you need for your dream home.

I remain available to address your inquiries with precision and promptness. You can expect a response within 24 business hours.

Anabela Nunes is the mortgage broker you need for your dream home.

Your personal and financial well-being is the center of each of my recommendations. With my in-depth understanding of the mortgage industry and a network of numerous financial partners, I am well-positioned to offer you the best option available.


What I Offer


A document prepared by the mortgage broker, offering a precise understanding of your borrowing capacity. It serves as your gateway to property visits and purchase offers, usually the initial step in any property reseach.

Bank Preapproval

This is a bank's official pre-approval or preautorisation validating the calculations of the mortgage broker. Beyond that, it secures a rate reservation typically spanning 4-6 months, or up to a year if necessary. It's a second document reassuring you of the maximum loan values and providing a rate protection during the property search process.


After your purchase offer has been accepted, this stage is the final and definitive search among numerous lenders to secure the lowest rate and most favorable loan conditions. We will apply for the loan on your behalf and accompany you up to the notary, ensuring a pleasant, stress-free experience while addressing your questions at every step.


This is an opportune moment to explore other possibilities and evaluate offers from different lenders to reduce the payments or other possibilities proposed by your previous lender.


This transaction represents a change in one of your mortgage parameters—such as altering the amortization, equity withdrawal, or debt consolidation. To proceed, the mortgage balance must represent less than 80% of the property's market value. This strategic move can help reduce overall debt through a single payment, enabling equity withdrawal for renovations, new property purchases, investments, and more.

Our Lenders and Associations

The names below are just a few of the lenders I work with. You are not restricted by these lending institutions. I have many other mortgage solutions for more complex financial scenarios. My agreements and structure has allowed me to have the most relationships with lenders in Canada.

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